Emergency Sonic The Hedgehog 116

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Emergency Sonic The Hedgehog 116

Post by Gicher44 on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:39 am

Adam People Presents: Emergency Sonic The Hedgehog 116: Aaron Sr. Khim, Rodrick, Adam & Aaron Jr. needs to stop Lynne Blalock, Obo, Yrral, Roinuj Ymmij, & Yrrej, Aaron Shaffer Sr, Throws a Bowling Ball at Lynne Blalcok, Khim Throws a Rock Ball at Obo, Rodrick Throws a Gray Part of a Hammer at Yrral, Adam Shoots a Toilet Plunger at Roinuj, Aaron Jr. Throws a Microwave Oven at Ymmij, Amy Freeman Throws a Fire Log at Yrrej, After That The Bad People Sat down their Timeout Chairs, The Chef Characters Gives Adam & his Friends some hot dogs, chicken, sandwiches, pizza, Mustard Mixed With Mayo (Huck), Three Meat Calzones, Friets, Chicken Nuggets & Potsto Stars

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Re: Emergency Sonic The Hedgehog 116

Post by MosileZ on Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:16 pm

I'm on a Hamster Ball with you on this Part of Emergency Sonic The Hedgehog 116

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